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Tennessee Individualized Education Accounts (IEA)

Tennesseans who receive funds from the Individualized Education Account (IEA) program through the Tennessee Department of Education may now contribute those IEA funds to an ABLE TN account.

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Helping with education expenses

IEA funds contributed to ABLE TN accounts can only be used for education expenses relating to the designated beneficiary’s disability.

If you are not sure if you receive IEA funds from the Tennessee Department of Education or qualify for the IEA Program, please visit their website.

Visit the Tennessee IEA website

Get started contributing with an IEA account

If you qualify for the IEA program and would like those funds added to an ABLE TN account, there are a few simple steps to get started. You can click on each one to learn how to complete the step.

Step 1: Open an ABLE TN account

In order to use IEA funds for ABLE TN, you first need to establish an ABLE TN account. You can do that through our website. You will be given an Account Number that you will need to deposit your IEA contributions.

Don’t forget to make the minimum initial contribution of $25.

Open an ABLE TN account online

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Step 2: Establish IEA identification

Because funds from the IEA Program are specifically designated for education, the funds contributed from the IEA Program are placed in a separate portion of the ABLE TN account.

Once you have opened an ABLE TN account, you need to fill out the “Establish IEA Identification” form to let us know you will be contributing IEA funds to your account and for us to establish the IEA Identification number on the ABLE TN account.

Establish IEA Identification online

Step 3: Contribute IEA funds to your ABLE TN account

Once ABLE TN has set up your account to receive IEA funds, you may begin contributing.

If your check is less than $10,000, you must endorse the check you received from the Department of Education and mail it with your completed IEA Contribution form to ABLE TN, P.O. Box 55599, Boston, MA 02205. To endorse a Third-Party check made payable to you, the Parent/Guardian, for deposit into the IEA-02 portion of the ABLE TN account, please write the following on the back of the check:

  1. For Deposit only
  2. Pay to the order of ABLE TN
  3. Write the IEA Identification number which ends in -02
  4. Write the full name of the student
  5. Your signature as it is made payable to you, the parent

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If your check is over $10,000, you must deposit the check into your own bank account, then write a personal check payable to “ABLE TN,” and mail it with your completed IEA Contribution form to the same address listed above.

NOTE: IEA Program contributions cannot be accepted without the IEA funds form. In order to ensure IEA funds are being used for educational expenses, IEA contributions cannot be deposited in the online account portal.

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Step 4: Utilize your IEA funds

After you have completed steps 1-3, you can allow your funds to grow or begin using them for education expenses. To make a withdrawal, fill out the Withdrawal Request form.

We recommend keeping receipts of all purchases associated with your ABLE TN account in the event documentation is requested by the ABLE TN program or IRS.

Download the Withdrawal Request form